The mutliplayer games you should be playing right now

Grand Theft Auto V Online – Heists PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One coming soon to PC

One of the top stories this month is the long awaited update for Grand Theft Auto V’s online game which brings eager gamers around the world access to the long awaited heists.

After the initial launch day server issues, keen fans are finally able to tear up the streets of Los Santos and make some sweet, sweet moolah. The heist mode has some requirements, firstly players will need to be a minimum of level 12, and must have purchased a high end apartment. Most players are well above the required level, and even a new player can surpass the level and apartment requirement within a few hours of dedicated play.

When you enter your apartment, you will soon find the heist planning room. This serves as a server hub which allows you to search for like minded sociopaths to set up heists with. The introduction heist sees you and your crew knocking over a small town bank for the contents of the safe deposit boxes, and the break-neck excitement culminates in a police chase to a waiting helicopter which extracts you via a magnetic winch.

Evolve – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Evolve from 2k Games is a new take on the FPS genre with players splitting into two teams. One team is formed of human hunters who work together to take down the second team – a single player who takes the role of a mutating alien monster who can change state through the course of the match to present a new challenge to the hunters.

Evolved features several game modes to test player’s hunting abilities:

  • In hunt mode, the humans must kill the monster before it can destroy the power relay in the map.
  • Nest mode sees the monster attempting to protect six eggs from the hunters for 18 minutes.
  • Rescue tasks the humans with relocating, reviving and escorting colonists scattered around the map. First team to escort, or exterminate, five colonists wins the match.
  • Defend pits a fully evolved monster and several Goliath class minions against the hunters. The humans must defend two power generators from the monster until the ship is charged. The monster must destroy the generators and attempt to destroy the ship’s power source.